Changing the World

If I could do anything to change the world I would like to teach people about God, and maybe if I become a better artist I would like to teach people how to draw.

I think it would be incredible to teach people through my work. Since I want to be an artist and, singer there are many things that I could do to teach people about God. For instance, My brother could write a children’s poem about God, and I could draw pictures for it. I could show how the Bible stories actually teach us things for today!

Some other things I could talk about would be:

  • What the world looks like when we live recognizing God compared to if we take God out of our world: freedom vs slavery, diversity vs canceling, love vs hate, opportunity vs oppression, working vs not being allowed to work, free speech vs censorship, joy vs misery. The songs are different because we are allowed to be happy and have parties under God but you can’t have happiness when government is over ruling everything.
  • How God made you in His image so you don’t want to wreck your body becasue it’s how God wanted it because He made you and it’s perfect. So people can love themselves and take care of their bodies and make them stronger and healthier and move.
  • God made this world to last and we like to care for nature like a gardener but we don’t need to live in fear about it. We like to care for our environment and make it like heaven on earth. Think about how heaven would look like and make it beautiful like that.
  • How God designed the world to work best: families, education, economy, working.
  • How God loves us and let’s us live.
  • How God sent Jesus to save us from our sins and that is the Good News for everyone! It’s a gift that people should accept!

I would still just talk to people about God but it would be nice to do these other things too. If I did these things they would not make a tremendous difference in the world, but I think that the only way to fix the problems in the world is to teach about God.

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