Sprouts and Honey

Sprouts Sprouts are very healthy! I even sprouted some broccoli. Sprouts are like little packages of nutrients! bee's and honey Bees are very intelligent even though they have a brain the size of a pinhead. Bees collect honey from flowers. But how do they tell the other bees where that honey is. The bee that … Continue reading Sprouts and Honey

An Influential Person In My Life

Lesson 65 A person who has affected my life is my Papa (I call my Dad, Papa). He works very hard and I look up to him. He has a business and stays there during the week. He even has to sleep in the office. Since he has bought a business he wanted to quit … Continue reading An Influential Person In My Life

The Impact of Some Inventions in History

Lesson 65 Buttons Before buttons were invented people did their clothes up with broaches. They never fit quite right. The button made it possible for people's clothes to fit tighter so they could be warm and also it made it so you could tell someone's class. When the button was first invented they were very … Continue reading The Impact of Some Inventions in History