The impact on history

Lesson 50 The Trebuchet The trebuchet spread in popularity as a weapon because it could break through walls and could throw very far. It also was famous because of its repeated success in battle. It had a big effect in the wars of China, Europe, and the Islamic world. The use of the trebuchet declined … Continue reading The impact on history


Lesson 72 How to Get Enzymes in Food Enzymes are in raw foods like vegetables and meat. You can't get enzymes from processed food like fries or donuts or things like that. But if you cook the meat or vegetables the enzymes in the food dies. But, if you steam your food it wont lose … Continue reading Enzymes

The Impact of Some Inventions in History

Lesson 65 Buttons Before buttons were invented people did their clothes up with broaches. They never fit quite right. The button made it possible for people's clothes to fit tighter so they could be warm and also it made it so you could tell someone's class. When the button was first invented they were very … Continue reading The Impact of Some Inventions in History

Universities, Wine press, Ribbed vault ,Chimney

Lesson 55 Summary of what I learned this week: Universities Many great schoolers have gone to universities and those great schoolers helped other people learn! It's a great place to network and get to know people in your field and then start a business together or work together. The only problem with universities is that … Continue reading Universities, Wine press, Ribbed vault ,Chimney