Sunshine Blogger Award


Rule 1. Thank the person that nominated you. Thank you Oliver for nominating me!!! Oliver has very interesting and fun posts on his blog so make sure you go check them out!

Rule 2: Answer the questions.

Rule 3: Nominate eleven bloggers and ask them eleven different questions. (I sadly do not follow or know many bloggers so I will not be able to nominate 11 but I will try and find some!)

But now on to Oliver’s questions!


1: If you could permanently destroy one recipe what would it be? I say recipe because I am not talking about a single food item, like carrots, or beef, or fruit, but instead, I am talking about things like Coke, Pizza, Muffins, or Macdonald’s french fries.

I like food and I think that every food should be a thing and that we just need more self-control, so I have been sneaky and thought of something that no one likes, and that is the Century egg! The Century egg is an egg that has been preserved for a long long time and it is green and gross!!

2: If you could write a best-selling book, what genre would it be, and what would be it’s title?

I do want to write books one day about God and freedom and things like that. So I think if I ever wrote a best seller book it would be called something like “Pretty As Can Be”, and it would be about how you are made in God’s image so you should be proud of it and not destroy it. If you want to know more about my dream of writing books go check it out here!

3: Would you rather, never live in the same house for more than a week, or never be able to live outside five hundred kilometres of where you do now?

I absolutely hate both of these options BUT if I had to choose one it would be, never being able to live in that same house for more than a week. But this still would be terrible!

4: You can pick one out of these three options. 1. Fly, but not walk or swim 2. Swim really fast, but not walk or fly. 3. Walk and run, but never get tired, but never swim or fly. Which do you choose?

At first, I would say walk or run and never get tired, but never getting tired sounds like a downside! Like think of doing a foot race and you both never got tired so you would never win. well anyway, I think I would choose to fly because I could still fly close to the ground so that I would be able to go shopping, haha!

5: If you could only drive a car, or only drive a truck, which would you choose?

I am not sure because the gas prices are going crazy so I do not know If I would want a truck even though you can haul lots of stuff in a truck. I think I would get a classic Volkswagen Bus type 2 (my favourite vehicle in the world). You can fit lots of people in it, it looks cool, and it is super awesome!!!

6: What colour is your dream house?

YELLOW! I love yellow and I think it would be nice to paint a house a pretty bright yellow 🙂

7: If you could be a famous singer, or a famous musician of any instrument, which would you be?

Well, I am already a singer so if I could be a famous musician then I would be able to sing and play the instrument! Ooh, but then again I really like that saxophone and you cant sing and play that!! So I would have to learn something that you don’t use your mouth with or just do saxophone and singing separately.

8: If you could have any other names, what would they be? First, middle[s] and last.

This would be cool I think I would like to be called, Beatrice Fedora Neudorf. I don’t know why but I like those names, but I think that I would like my names just as they are 🙂

9: If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be? But the pet has to weigh over two hundred pounds.

I was thinking for a while and I think I would want a dolphin!! Imagine going swimming with your dolphin friend! They are very smart so you would be very safe around them and they are cute!

10: What kind of tree would you be if you could be a tree?

I would want to be a cherry tree so people and animals would come to visit me and pick my berries so I would not be lonely.

11: If you could talk to one type of animal what would it be? i.e, birds, mammals, fish, whales, reptiles, etc…

I would want to talk to mammals because I see them every day so I could go outside and talk to my kitties, deer and pigs, but sadly I would not be able to talk to the chickens 😦


OK!!! Now now that I have answered Oliver’s questions I will make 13 questions for my nominees, and if you see some fun questions that you want to answer please comment and tell me what you think I would love to know!

1: If you could choose one what would you be; Cowboy, Indian, or Pirate.

2: If you could take one of your favourite foods and magically create it whenever you wanted and you would never get fat from it what would it be. Note: you can not use this power for profit by selling the food hehe.

3: If you could choose one of these powers what would it be; being able to whistle like a bird, being able to shrink to the size of a bug, or able to flutter (so kind of fly but not that high and not for as long).

4: If you could be transported to any year in history what year would you choose.

5: Either you can travel the world by a hot air Balloon or by Blimp, Which one do you choose!!!

6: Which event would you rather be in; The Titanic, or the Hindenburg!!!!

7: If you were going to be in a duel which medieval weapon would you take?

8: If you could visit 1 person alive or dead for one day who would you choose.

9: If you could go into one fictional book like it was real life, what book would you choose.

10: If you could choose one fictional animal to be real what would you choose! (For example: dragon, fawn, centaur, etc.

11: What is your favourite movie quote and what movie is it from


Now that I am done here are my nominees!!

Louisa Neudorf


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