Sunshine Blogger Award

  Rule 1. Thank the person that nominated you. Thank you Oliver for nominating me!!! Oliver has very interesting and fun posts on his blog so make sure you go check them out! Rule 2: Answer the questions. Rule 3: Nominate eleven bloggers and ask them eleven different questions. (I sadly do not follow or … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Morality of Wealth

Is it immoral to be wealthy? I think that depends on how you got that money. You can get money in many ways; for instance, by working, stealing, or even inheriting the money. Sometimes your job might not be physical labour, like if you are in the entertainment business, but as long as what you're … Continue reading Morality of Wealth

Three Things I Can Change to Use Time Better

I have many bad habits, such as; clicking on Youtube when I should be studying, wasting time/procrastinating, and one bad habit that I have mostly gotten over, playing video games. I have tried to get into better habits, but it would not be called a bad habit if it wasn't hard to stop. Recently I … Continue reading Three Things I Can Change to Use Time Better