The History of Inventions

The Flying Shuttle  In 1733 a man named John Kay invented the Flying Shuttle. The Flying Shuttle is not a U.F.O but was used for looming and fabric making. It was such a simple but effective invention that it doubled the fabric production in only a few days. People were able to make fabric faster … Continue reading The History of Inventions

This Weeks Inventions

Lesson 111 Mercury Barometer In the 1500s mining was very important. But the mines would always fill with water, so people made a piston system to pump the water out. But it could not pump higher than 32ft. No matter what people tried it would always stop at this magical number 32ft. Someone wrote to … Continue reading This Weeks Inventions

The impact on history of some inventions

Spectacles The invention of spectacles made a big impact in people's lives, especially scholars and teachers and people that needed to read for their jobs, because spectacles made it so that people could see better. Scholars could keep working even if they were old and had bad vision. That made it possible for people to … Continue reading The impact on history of some inventions

The Impact of Some Inventions in History

Lesson 65 Buttons Before buttons were invented people did their clothes up with broaches. They never fit quite right. The button made it possible for people's clothes to fit tighter so they could be warm and also it made it so you could tell someone's class. When the button was first invented they were very … Continue reading The Impact of Some Inventions in History

How glass changed when the Roman Empire collapsed

Lesson 45 The Romans made beautiful glass that was clear and thin glass before the Roman Empire collapsed. When it collapsed the water in the astrolabes dried up and people had to move away and find nice clean water. Since they had to survive they had no time to make glass and improve their skills. … Continue reading How glass changed when the Roman Empire collapsed