Morality of Wealth

Is it immoral to be wealthy?

I think that depends on how you got that money. You can get money in many ways; for instance, by working, stealing, or even inheriting the money. Sometimes your job might not be physical labour, like if you are in the entertainment business, but as long as what you’re doing is not going against God’s law I don’t think wealth is immoral. Sometimes people make videos of themselves playing games on YouTube. It is entertainment, but it’s a pretty lazy way of making money. I used to watch these sorts of videos, and they were very fun, but I am not sure if it would be immoral. It would be immoral to accept a bribe. Don’t take the money. Why? If people are just giving you money to manipulate you or bribe you they are trying to control you. You need to be free to do the right thing and not a slave to the whims of the person paying you money to control the outcome.

Is it unjust that some people have more wealth than others?

It is never unjust to have more money than other people, but it is unjust if they stole it.

What moral limits are there on how a person can gain wealth?

Many people around the world do immoral things to get money, like thieves, scammers, and people who commit fraud. For me, even if it is easier to make money by doing something like gaming, I really try to think of what is the best thing I can do with my time.

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