Islamic scholars

Lesson 50

Al-Kindi was a scholar and a teacher at the House of Wisdom in Baghdad around 760 AD. He read a lot and took ideas from other writers and scholars and put them in categorized books that he wrote. He also came up with cryptanalysis. Cryptanalysis is when you create a code in order to send a message that no one else will be able to figure out. Only the person receiving the message knows how to solve it. Al-Kindi also marketed translated books to his patrons.

Al-Khwarizmi was the father of algebra. People liked his books because he did not just tell you what algebra was he told you what it could be used for. He taught how an every day person could use algebra to help them.

Al-Razi went to Bagdad because he wanted to be a doctor. He was such a good doctor that back in his home town they built a new hospital and invited him to work there. Al-Razi also discovered smallpox. He was a teacher and he gave to charity and even worked for free for people who had no money. He also was a critic of Galens work which made him popular.

There were two theory’s of vision in the modern world ( Plato said that light was emmited from the eye and that was called emission and Aristotle said that the entire form of an object is transmitted into the eyeball). Al-Hazen did not like the emission theory but he used it to make his own theory. He was a writer and made a big difference in optics and experimentation.

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