My Dream Job

I love to act. In fact I have done professional acting! I have been in a Hallmark movie called, “Christmas Connection” and I have been in the play “Macbeth” at Stratford Festival and the musical “The Little Mermaid” in Drayton Entertainment. But I do not know if I want that to be my job. I would like acting to be more of a hobby because I love to draw! I would love to be a cartoonist because I like to draw cartoons! I wish I could have drawn in something classic like Silly Symphonies. I do not like the new cartoons like “Sponge Bob” because they are dumb. But I would like to draw in Disney and Pixar movies because they have great stories.

I have already started a drawing business on Fiverr! Please rate it so people will see it!!! =)

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