My favourite gift I ever received

Lesson 45

I have received many gifts and I have enjoyed all of them! But today I will be telling you about my favourite gift of all!

I think I got it when I was 6 years old. It was a little pom-pom pet maker! You make your pom pom by wrapping yarn around your hand, tying it tight in the middle and cutting the loops. Then you can put googly-eyes and a mouth on it made out of foam and you can even add legs or arms!

The first pom pom pet I ever made was a chicken and I named him Roost! I have made so many of pom pom pets probably 30!!! In fact, I’ve made a village of them. A complete set of toys with little houses out of party hats with holes in them for a door and little logs for chairs. They are so cute and fun to make and I’ve spent hours playing with them.

I like this gift so much because it is fun to make and you can collect them. So thanks for the best gift ever!

My Woolly Pets – Pom Pom Pets!

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