My Week at the Ezra Institute

The Ezra Institute is a Christian camp that is not the usual kind of camp. It is a mansion with 21 dorm rooms and a beautiful entrance with two stairways and a big chandelier that looks like they are from a movie. It is the nicest place I have ever been to! I stayed there for one week and I learned so much.

On the first day, I arrived at the Ezra Institute at roughly 5 o’clock and went to the front desk to find out where my dorm was. When they showed me my dorm room I unpacked and met my two roommates! My roommates were very fun and when I was done packing my sister came to my room and we left to go to the game room.

Now, the game room was the best! It had a full-sized pool table, a little movie theatre and a ping-pong table. The other kids and I loved going in the game room to play pool and board games. When I went to the game room there were not many people there so I asked one of the mentors what was going to happen that day. My mentor’s name was Erika, and she was very easy to talk to. She said that we were going to go to the Runner Hall and then were having supper at the Schaeffer Hall. The Runner Hall was the place where all of the lectures were and the Schaeffer Hall was where the cooks were all cooking! I went to the Runner Hall early and waited until everyone was there. Dr. Joseph Boot introduced himself and he talked about what was going to happen that week. He talked about the Christian worldview and I thought it was very interesting.

We all went to eat at Schaeffer Hall. And after the great meal, most people went to clean their room. Why? Because there was a contest for the cleanest room! Everyday they would randomly check your room to see if it was clean! After I cleaned my dorm room I went to the game room to play with people and then I went to bed.  

In the morning we had a bit of free time to hang around with friends. I usually stayed in the game room because most of the people were there.

Then a mentor would come and get us, and we would go to the flag pole and sing Oh Canada and a bible verse. (I didn’t like singing Oh Canada at all because you’re singing to the land and kind-of idolizing it. So I just hummed it.). When we were done that we would go have breakfast which was always so good! The cooks there were always in the kitchen and the place always smelled amazing.

One interesting talk we had was with Joe Boot called, “Thinking Christianly.” That day we also learned about “The rise of Religious Secularism” and “What religion is”.

The most annoying thing was, every time I was taking notes they showed a slide and I would try to write it down but the slides went too fast! So I had a lot of dot, dot, dots! …

The mentors got a group of kids for devotions. Our mentor would ask, “What did you think of the lecture? Do you have any questions and other things?” I liked to talk about what we learned and whenever we had Q&A I LOVED raising my hand to ask a question. But the guy that was giving the microphone to people, so they could say their question would always say, “Oh, Sophie has another question.” and that was always so funny!

We had lunch as usual and played games. Some of the mentors would get us and we would all play a group game. We would play board games and chat and have more lectures and then go to bed.

On the third day, we all knew each other pretty well so that was great because we all got along.  

This day we learned about Worldview Apologetics:

  • The Apologetics Mandate 
  • Misunderstandings of Apologetics 
  • Cultural Apologetics
  • The Problem stated
  • Five Principles for Effective Apologetics 

At lunch, we had the nicest meal of my life. We had (in the cook’s words) “medium rare steak with shrimp and a nice sauce”. And all of the meals that week were as good as that. One of the meals even had a sauce with red wine in it! After that we worked for 2 hours on the farm. One of my roommates and I weeded under some trees at the entrance of the property. Then the kids and mentors played Manhunt that day and had so much fun.  

On the fourth day we did more lessons and did the usual stuff. But the best part of that day was at breakfast. One of the boys there was eating cereal when a cricket jumped onto his spoon. We all looked at it and then, the funniest thing happened! All of us started saying, “EAT IT! EAT IT!” And you know what he did? He ate it! It was so funny! And then we played in the Tennis courts and did art and other things.

On the 5th day there was a talent show! I sang “Crying out My Heart for You” by Rose Marie. And people loved it.

Rose Marie Singing “Crying my Heart out for You”

2 of the boys played piano and they where amazing! My brother sang with my sister and then he sang by himself. Even one of the mentors played the saxophone! And I love the saxophone. So that was such a fun day!

And finally, day 6! We did lessons, but at the end of the day we square danced with everyone! It was so fun! The boys where dancing with the girls and we where having so much fun dancing. Then I went to bed and in the morning we did usual things and before lunch we took pictures of all of us and then had, “Burgers and Goodbyes!” as they called it.

All of the people from the Ezra Institute
Playing Basket Ball with friends!
My roommate and I with friends!

Me and my sister

If you would ever like to go to the Ezra institute I would highly recommend it! It was so much fun and I learned alot.

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