English Review

This week I learned about words that people usually get confused, and how you can remember how to use them correctly.

Lesson 106

Lesson 106 I learned the difference between “Affect vs. effect” & “Aisle vs. Isle”. Affect is a verb that means to change or to produce something. Effect is a noun that means the result of a change.

An aisle is a walkway or a road between two sections. Isle means an island (usually referring to a small island).

Sentence examples:

  1. The rain may affect the party.
  2. My arrival time will be affected by traffic.
  3. The effect of the storm was unexpected.
  4. A lot of medicines have side effects.
  5. I walked down an aisle to my seat.
  6. I usually am in the natural aisle of the grocery store.
  7. You ordinarily have to take a ferry to an isle.

Lesson 107

In this lesson, I learned the difference between “Chord vs. Cord” & “Desert vs. Dessert” 

Chord is a musical term referring to three or more notes being played together. A cord is a long, thin, flexible string of rope made from several twisted strands.  

A desert is a dry, barren area of land that is covered with sand.

Dessert is food that you have after a meal, usually something sweet.


Dessert has more “S’s” because you want more of it.

Lesson 108

Lesson 108 I learned about “Your vs You’re” & “Are vs Our”

The word “your” is a possessive pronoun adjective. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are”.

“Are” can be a helping verb or a linking verb. “Our” is a possessive pronoun adjective.

Sentence Examples

  1. Is this your book?
  2. Let’s play at your house today.
  3. You’re invited to my party! 
  4. I’ll go if you’re going.
  5. Those are nice flowers.
  6. Are you going to the party?
  7. This is our kitty.
  8. I love our new trampoline!

Lesson 109

This lesson is about “Its vs. It’s” & “Their vs. There vs. They’re”

“Its” a possessive pronoun adjective. And “It’s” is the contraction of the words “it is”.

Their is a possessive pronoun adjective. They’re is a contraction of “they are” and “There” is an adverb that means: in, at or to that place or position.


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