The Railway Children

My Idea of the End of the Book

At the beginning of the book, two policemen came to take the father away for not paying his debts, but before they took him, the father told his wife that she must sell the house to pay off the debts and move to the country. After they paid the money that they owed, he wrote a letter to his wife saying that he was going to work in Russia seeing that there would be work because of the war going on. After being there a long time he was recruited into the war, where he met the Russian man. The Russian man told him his story and they became great friends. Knowing that the Russian wanted to escape the war, he decided that he would try and join him. Though, before their plan, the father got injured and had to go to the hospital. His wife received a letter that explained that her husband got injured, and so she became extra worried. But because of his injury, he was no longer able to fight in the war, so he was able to come back home once he had enough money.

By the time he recovered, the Russian man had made it to the train station, where he met the family. He told the mother about the last time he saw him, and the Mother hoped that he would survive whatever injury it was. The children played at the station, and they usually got along great. Though sometimes the Boy and the youngest sister got into fights.  

I am not sure but I think that maybe one of the children could get injured by a train or even have a close call.

I think the story will end with the father and the family back together.


3 thoughts on “The Railway Children

  1. That is a great ending for the story!
    I won’t say how it ends but how I thought it would end is: The old man turns out to be their grandfather.
    I hope you like finishing it!
    My sister just finished the book.

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    1. Ahh cool! Yeah, I did a lot of research and found out that the book was based in 1905, and the Russo-Japanese war was going on simultaneously. So I thought the Russian man must have had something to do with it. But I was also confused about why the father was taken away, and then they had no money, so I assumed he must have been arrested. But I hope I was close to being right!!
      It was so fun 😀 🙂

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