The History of Inventions

The Flying Shuttle 

In 1733 a man named John Kay invented the Flying Shuttle. The Flying Shuttle is not a U.F.O but was used for looming and fabric making. It was such a simple but effective invention that it doubled the fabric production in only a few days. People were able to make fabric faster and even keep up with thread production. The Flying Shuttle was so effective and fast that there were actually thread shortages . After John Kay saw the success of his invention he decided to put a patent on it so he could earn more money, but the weavers were not happy about this because they thought they were going to lose their jobs. So they pirated his invention. John Kay then sued them, but the weavers put their money together and got better lawyers and won most of the time. John Kay nearly went bankrupt. The flying shuttle made it way easier to make fabric and was the foundation of the industrial revolution. 

The Marine Chronometer

The marine chronometer was invented by a man named John Harrison. John Harrison was very interested in clocks in his young age, and he even invented a new pendulum clock. Later in his life he built the marine chronometer. His marine chronometer was super accurate and worked well in the harsh conditions of sea life. Harrison made lots of little changes over the years to try and perfect his invention.  It helped merchants and the navy navigate the sea, which saved many lives.


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