Electronics Introduction

Lesson 6

How airbags work

Airbags are made so your head and body will not fly around and get injured.  Airbags open at 300-km/h so that makes you slam on to the car seat and make it so that your body and especially neck stay firm.  An airbag is set off is like this: an accelerometer detects the change of speed and if the accelerometer of the car stops or hits something and the accelerometer detects that the car has slowed down way too fast the airbag comes out.

What electronic circuits do

Electric circuits are made up of resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes and more and of course they are all put together with wire.  The combination of components and wires allows you to make many complex things.  For example, with a battery, some wire, and a switch you can make the light bulb turn on.   You will have light when you connect the light bulb to the wire, then the switch and then the battery.  

The basics of electronic theory 

Atoms are the the things that make everything, even you.  “Atom” means “indivisible”.

Atoms are made of subatomic particles like protons (that have a positive charge), neutrons (that have no charge), and electrons (that have a negative charge). 

Protons and neutrons are within the nucleus of the atom.  There is a cloud of electrons around the nucleus.

Electromagnetic force

Unlike charges attract.  Like charges repel.  Opposites attract.  For example: Protons which have a positive charge attract to electrons which have a negative charge, but  protons and protons do not go together or attract.

If there was no Electromagnetic force your body would fall apart and life would be impossible



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