How new Building Tools Impact Architecture.

Lesson 15

Tools are made to make construction fast, the buildings stronger and to make the workers safe.

One tool that is very important, and that is still used today is the crane.  The crane makes it easier to move and lift objects.  Cranes were made by the Greeks in 500 BC.  They made it so much easier to lift things that ten men could lift one big block instead of 50 or more.  

Measuring tools are the most important things for architecture. The Architect’s Scale Ruler is for measuring things very accurately. A T-square is for adjusting different angles, the Compass, The Adjustable Triangle for measuring angles. There are so many tools for architecture and without them every building project would be so hard and perhaps the buildings wouldn’t be strong. Without proper tools they would fall over!

These old measuring tools are updated digitally now too which makes calculating plans faster.

I hope you like my essay!  Have a great day.

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