My Scary Adventure and Why I am Proud!

Lesson 35

I love to do scary things, but I always a get very nervous when it comes to the time to do it. Once my family and I went to Disney World! I had the best time there. We went on rides and saw 3D movies and even got ice cream — which was so good! One ride which was very scary was called “Splash Mountain”. My brother and sister loved it but I was scared. The ride went on a little boat and you went on some paths on the water, then you went down some hills that were 20ft tall in the dark!!! Soon the boat that we were on went on a treadmill and we went really high up! Then when you got to the top there was a 50ft drop and the boat went plummeting down so fast! I was crying the whole time but now that I remember it I am very proud to say I went on that ride. You may think it is not scary and have gone on many rides but for me this was one of my biggest adventures of my whole life! I’m glad I did it.

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