The New and Improved Volkswagen Bus!

There is a new vehicle in town! The new Volkswagen Bus!
Remember those days of hotrods, low-riders, and hippy vans? Well, I sure don’t!
This bus, priced at only $99,999.99, will bring you back in time to the days of cruising down the road to the beach.

This bus will bring back nostalgic memories without the annoying overheating problems that came with the original bus. This eight-seater bus is great for the whole family, and maybe some friends too! Whether you’re a mom who needs a bus for her seven youngsters, a man who collects beautiful vehicles, or a beach bum who is trying to curb his weed addiction; this is the automobile for you!

Dump the electric vehicle crap and get this gas-efficient dream bus. Travel the world in our campervan/tiny house version of the bus for only $20,000.01 more than the original price!

Make the right choice and buy the new and improved Volkswagen bus! If interested call “999 dream bus” and get a vehicle you won’t regret.


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