My Chapter In The Cat of Bubastes

Happy Times In Rebu

The sun was peaking through the clouds onto the city of Rebu. It had been ten years since Amuba and his companions took over Rebu, and Amuba and his wife Mysa have had two lovely children. The eldest of the two was a boy named Bomani, and the youngest was named Eshe. Amuba and his family had a roughly easy life with no attacks from Egypt. In fact, they had become more allies than enemies and had taken a considerable amount of advice from the Egyptian way of ruling and living, except for religious worship and exceptions.
Chebron and Ruth also had children, the eldest Ameres named after Chebrons father, Hanif, and a girl named Neema. Chebron and Amuba’s children often played with each other and also loved learning together. When the children were at Chebrons house, they listened to the stories of how Amuba and Chebron met, and the fantastic adventures they went on.
Chebron became a priest in a temple and taught that there was only one God, and though it was hard for the Rebu people to get accustomed to, they soon became relatively strong believers. Ruth loved teaching the children about God and sometimes taught Eshe and Neema how to cook when they were together.

One day Bomani, Ameres, and Hanif were out hunting some fowl with Jethro. Hanif, after seeing some fowl in the distance went up closer so he could get a clear shot of them when suddenly a caracal jumped up towards him. He let out a scream, and Jethro and the boys came running to see what was happening. The caracal now stood around 5 feet from Hanif and hissing with his ears back. The caracal was just about to jump at the boy again when Jethro shot an arrow from his bow that landed right in the cat’s head. They all ran to Hanif, who was more shocked than hurt, and Ameres offered to wrap his shirt around Hanif’s arm.

“My, I should think myself lucky that I should be out here with you all. That cat came out of nowhere. ” Hanif said.

“Yes, that cat must have been hunting the same fowl you were,” Jethro replied

“Oh, and what an amazing shot Jethro. I would certainly have perished if you were not here.”

They walked back to Chebrons house, where they were preparing dinner and told everyone what had happened.

“Well, I am very pleased you killed that terrible cat,” remarked Amuba “I have noticed that a couple of my chickens have disappeared, and I am sure that cat was the cause of that too”.

“It is a good thing we are not in Egypt, or you would have ended up like me,” Chebron said with a laugh.

Mysa cleaned and wrapped up Hanif’s arm, and they all sat down for a large meal together and talked about all the adventures they went on before and how it all started with the death of the Cat of Bubastes.


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