The Cat of Bubastes

The summary of The Cat of Bubastes Chapters 1 through 10.

The beginning of the book focuses on the king and his son Amuba, who live in Rebu, a place located near the Caspian sea. The Rebu people have been expecting an attack from Egypt, and their soldiers are getting ready for the war.
The war is positioned in a swamp which the Rebu people hoped would be hard for the Egyptians to get their chariots through, but the Egyptian army was large and very coordinated, so they were able to get past most everything the Rebu people threw at them. In the fight, the king is shot in the eye and killed. Amuba, the king’s son, rushes to save him while in the process is shot at by an Egyptian, but luckily his bodyguard Jethro saves him by getting in the way of the arrow with his shield.
The Egyptians win the battle, so the remaining Rebu people rush back to the capital to protect it, but their efforts were in vain when the Egyptians took over the capital.

The remaining Rebu people are taken to Egypt to be slaves, where Amuba and Jethro are chosen to work for the High Preist.
They are treated very well by the High Preist Ameres and are instructed to look after his son and daughter, Chebron and Mysa.
Amuba and Chebron become great friends, and Amuba is very grateful that he has such a kind boss.
Ameres and the others travel North down the Nile to visit temples and learn about irrigation. Along the way, Amuba and Jethrow learn to fish and hunt. They hunt fowl, deer, and even hippopotamuses. When they were hunting for hippopotamuses, Chebron heard a scream of a girl and ran towards the sound and saw; a large crocodile pulling a girl towards the river. Crocodiles were sacred to the Egyptians, but Chebron plunged his spear into the crocodile’s nose, and Amuba and Jethrow jumped in and helped kill the beast.
They go to see if the girl is dead and find that she has just fainted. They bring her to a cottage close by and send for people to help. The crocodile seemed to have only gotten her by her leg, so she would be fine. Later the Grandfather of the girl comes and is very grateful for them saving his grandaughter’s life, whose name they find is Ruth. Ruth and her Grandfather were Israelites, and they talked about their different religions. Chebron tells Ruth that he has a sister around her age, and he offers for Ruth to come to serve her. She replied by saying; that because they were kind and honest people, she would come and serve Amubas sister.

They travel back home, and Amuba and Chebron go on an adventure. Amuba and Chebron went to explore a temple when they saw a door open that they never saw before, and when they went through the door, they found stairs leading up to the roof. When they got to the top of the stairs, they found a room where they found a head of a statue of a god. Chebron looked at it and found a hole in the head that lead to the mouth, he thought; at first, it was for looking through, but Amuba gave the idea that it would probably be for priests to talk into to the people. When they were going to leave, they heard voices and saw that some priests were talking about how they were going to murder someone. Chebron was astonished that someone was going to be murdered in the temple, and said to Amuba “this will give them a fright” and spoke into the mouthpiece of the god statue saying; “Beware, sacrilegious wretches! Your plots shall fail and ruin fall upon you!”
Amuba grabbed Chebron’s coat saying that they needed to run, and they ran away luckily without being caught and killed.
When they got home, they decided not to tell Ameres about what they had found and heard. The next day, a man came to the door bringing bad news, that Nico Ameras’s eldest son had been killed just that very morning. There was great mourning in the house, and Chebron decided that he should tell his father about what he heard. Ameres said that he didn’t think that the priests would have planned to kill Nico, but maybe himself.

A little later in the story, it is found that the sacred cat of Bubates died, and they were looking for a new cat for the temple. One of Mysa’s cats was chosen to be the new Cat of Bubastes, and she was very excited, for having your cat picked was a great honour.
A couple of days after the cat was picked, Chebron and Amuba went to kill a hawk that had been attacking their chickens. Amuba shot an arrow and killed the hawk, but Chembrons arrow hit a branch, and very unfortunately, the arrow came down killing the selected Cat of Bubasts. Chebron was shocked knowing that killing a cat is worse than killing a man. Amuba tried to comfort him by saying that in his eyes it was not bad at all, and told Chebron that they should bury it and say it escaped and had run away.
Chebron reluctantly agreed but decided to tell his father what had happened.
The father was shocked at hearing the news but went on to tell them that he did not think that the cat was as sacred as most Egyptians thought it was. He went on to tell them more about their religion and that there were not really many gods but one god, and that the “gods” were just attributes of the one god that people prayed to separately.

At this point in the book, we are left not knowing what is going to happen to the family, but I was supposed to say what I thought was going to happen to them, and then find out in the next chapter, but I am ahead in reading so, I already know!


7 thoughts on “The Cat of Bubastes

    1. I think I thought that they were just going to try and say it ran away and that it would work. I did not know that it would have such an effect on the plot. Now that I am done with the book I love how it went, and I love the ending with them all getting married.

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      1. Ooh, awesome! I feel like it is so nice to have a story with a nice courage and masculine man every once in a while! The world supports so many “girly” men that I love when there are strong guys. And I love Ruth too! I love that she has a strong faith, which always is great in books. I thought it was cool that the book focused on so many religions so we could see how they came to worship one God. That was a long reply of mine XD, but I loved this book so much that I really get going whenever I talk about it.


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