The Art of Art

Making a new illustration is always exciting. You can just picture the beautiful scene that you want to portray on your piece of paper. Though it seems that every time you try and execute your idea, you end up with an average drawing that doesn’t look like the idea in your head.

I always had that problem, so I figured out some ways that helped me reach my goals.  

Picture References

The first thing I did was that I used references. Let’s say I want to draw a cat in a field sitting atop a fence post. Well, you will need pictures of some cats, a field, and maybe a tree that could be in the field.  

When you are using references, you do not want to copy the pictures but study them so, that your illustration looks believable.  


Finding shapes in your reference is the best way to start the sketch. If you are drawing a picture of a cat and you start thinking about how the fur and facial features look, you are going to end up with a distorted drawing. The best way to start is with a good base and then add detail later. Shape language is very confusing, but taking the time to learn about it can make a big difference.  

Refining the sketch

Now it is time to add some detail and refine your sketch. Maybe add some butterflies and the air, some clouds, and if you want, add a tiny farm in the distance. Then once you are pleased with the sketch, you can start colouring it. If you are drawing traditionally, you will want to lightly erase the sketch, but if this is digital, you can lower the layer’s opacity.


Colouring is one of my favourite parts, just start by laying the base colours down, then add shadow and highlights. Now, it is important to have good colour harmony, like making the field a nice yellow and orange, and the sky a beautiful bright blue! You can get lots of emotion from colour so you should always think of the mood of your drawing.

Well, now your artwork is complete! Now you know what my favourite thing to do is! I hope you learned something that can help you, and maybe inspires you to make some art of your own.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

― Pablo Picasso


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