My Fall Memories

Fall is my favourite season, and I love the changing colour, the cool weather, and all the things you can do.  

When I was about five or six years old, I had a little blue rake that I loved using. I would go around to the side of the curb in my block and rake up all the leaves. I always saw other people raking leaves, so I thought I would rake people’s leaves and ask for money from the people. So, on I went to my neighbour’s house and started raking the curb. It took me a very long time (being six and easily distracted), but I finished and went to their door. When they answered the door I said: “Hello! I raked your leaves…. can I have some money”. Despite the silly deed that I did, the people were very kind, and one person even gave me some money, so you can say I was very pleased. 

I very proudly told my mom what I did, and unsurprisingly she told me that my good intentions were not as good as I thought. Later that week when we had visitors, Mom told the story about me, and I was VERY embarrassed.

Well, I suppose that now it is a fun and silly story to tell people, and it is one of my best fall memories. 


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