Where I Live

About one year ago, my family and I moved to the country in New Brunswick. But before that, I lived in Ontario in a small town. I lived there most of my life, and most of my family and friends lived there too. It was a small town, so everyone knew everyone, and you were never far from a friend. My family decided to move to New Brunswick because the land was much cheaper, so we would have room for animals.

New Brunswick is the most beautiful place I have ever been, and the mountains are so fun to walk up. After a while of moving here, we got animals. We first got two little kittens. One named Tommy and the other Winter George. Then we got some chickens and pigs, and much later, we got some goats. My siblings and I got jobs in town and have met lots of nice people.

My family and I live near woods which is fun to walk and hunt in, and there is an abundance of apple trees all over our property. We have the sea and a lake by our house, so there are also lots of places to fish. All in all, I love it here, and I hope to make lots of friends here.


2 thoughts on “Where I Live

  1. Ooo! It sounds like a beautiful place to live!
    I live in the Florida countryside. It’s pretty here. We have woods all around us but not the kind you want to explore😂
    How many goats do you have? We have 20. And we have a piglet, chickens, Guineas, a turkey, dog, and two cats.

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    1. We have 6 goats! !we have a kitten (we had more but they died 😦 ), 5 pigs, and like 30 chickens. We took 1 pig to be butchered today, and then in 2 days, we will get 1 other.


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