My Summer

This summer has been one of the best summers I have ever had. I have loved playing with the animals and going to work. I work at a little lemonade shop in town, and because it is a tourist town, I am always busy in the summer. I met lots of awesome people and even made a great friend. One of my favourite things was when my family’s friends came over. It has been very hard working on renovating and looking after animals, but it has been all worth it! Sadly there have been lots of sad things that have happened, such as animals dying, but I guess those sorts of things are bound to happen when living on a farm. I love the little cat that I have named Winter George. He always is so cuddly and sweet and loves to play. It is so fun when I go outside and play catch or tennis with my family. My brother and I have been doing lots of busking (which is singing on the street or market), and people have really enjoyed that, and it has been great since my brother and I have not been able to do any acting because of covid.
This summer has been much different than any summer that I have ever had, and I hope my next summer is even better!


One thought on “My Summer

  1. It sounds like a blast!
    It does come with living on a farm. It would not be right to say that I’m used to animals dying or that I’m ok with it; I hate when my animals pass. But I am way less sensitive about it then before we got goats.
    I’m glad you made a friend you can see in person!


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