The Mechanical Calculator

The mechanical calculator was invented by Blaise Pascal. His father was a tax collector, and Pascal saw how hard It was for him to do all of those calculations, so he came up with the mechanical calculator. His calculator could add, subtract, and even carry numbers. Pascal’s calculator was not the first calculator built, but he gets the credit because his worked better than all of the rest. His calculator was not a commercial success though, because it was very difficult to build. It was a very good invention but not many people had it because it was so hard to build, and it was also expensive. There was no way to mass produce a complex thing like that for a long time. But by the 1800’s smaller and simpler inventions were made like the slide rule, and soon after that the electronic calculator was made. Pascal’s calculator was the spark that helped create the electronic calculator that we have today, and he made his just because he wanted to reduce the amount of work his father did.

Favourite Thing I Learned this Week

I learned about many things but my favourite thing was the mechanical calculator. The reason I like it is because I use a calculator every day, so it is very interesting to know how it was invented and what people once used for calculating things.


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