The Greatest Advice -Thanks Mom

I have received lots of great advice on life, religion, and more. But nothing comes close to the advice I am going to tell you about.

It was a fine, snowy day. I was eating lunch and thinking about what to write about for that day’s english essay. I went and told my mother what I was supposed to write about. I said, “What should I write about for this essay? It is supposed to be about the greatest advice I have ever received.” Then, the most monumental thing happened! She said, “Write about how your mom told you to not to write this essay, so that you can go play outside.”

So folks, here I am thinking back to that very day, and how I went outside and built a snowman and a cat house, instead of writing a tiresome essay about great advice.


7 thoughts on “The Greatest Advice -Thanks Mom

    1. Man! My dad (who I also call Papa) would love to live in Florida! He misses going on vacation there, but we can’t go because we aren’t going to get the Covid vaccine!


      1. I love going to the beach. We live about 1 1/2 hours away from the beach. We go around 4 times in the summer usually. Oh? Florida does not mandate the vaccine. We are open. Not sure about where you live though for travel. I don’t have the vaccine. That’s so cool that you call your dad Papa!! I found ur blog from Oliver’s. He has been in some of my contests and won 1st place a few times!

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