Science Grade 7

Today I am going to be talking about what I learned in this years science.

Radio & Electronics

Radio and electronics was my favourite subject. I learned about radio waves and electronic components and how to even buy a Ham Radio. I loved this subject so much because I thought it would be so cool to be able to contact someone from your own house or from a top of a mountain. But the most interesting part was learning about how radio waves travel and how they are created. I learned about compositors and resistors and lots of electronic components too.

I also liked soldering. Soldering was quite interesting because I found it very useful. I learned about what flux you would need and how flux worked and that was very fun.

Here is a link to learn more about: Crystal Radio. I will give you a brief of what a crystal radio does and how radio waves are picked up:

A radio receiver picks up the carrier signal produced by the transmitter at
the receiving antenna. The signal is typically thousands of times smaller
then it was at the transmitter. It's like a rock was dropped in the middle
of a very large pond we measured the wave a very long distance away. The
receiving antenna does the exact opposite of the transmitting antenna: it
converts the EM radiation back to an electrical signal. In most areas,
there are literally thousands of different carrier waves hitting a
receiving antenna at difference frequencies and modulation type. The radio
selects a specific frequency using a tuner. The tuner is an electrical
circuit designed to select only certain frequencies and reject all others.
The tuning control on a radio adjusts the center frequency of the tuner.


Robotics was one of my least favourite subjects. I have never really been into robots and things like that so doing this subject sometimes seemed like a chore. The reason for me not liking it is because I did not get to build a robot. I learned how to make one but I never got the chance to, so I think that is what made it boring.

I liked learning about wires and how to connect them to motors and then the motors to wheels, and how robots could have more than wheels and could have tracks and legs. There are also kinds of sinecures like light seniors and motion seniors. Say you put your robot in a very bright area with a light censer you could program it so whenever your robot was in a light area it would make an electric pulse and make your robot make noise or go faster.

Here is more about robots!

Personal heath & Fitness

Personal heath and fitness was really fun. I have eaten heathy for my whole life so it was cool to learn about was the benefits are. I learned about getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water, and drinking the right kind of water. I learned how stress is bad for you and how sugar is very unhealthy and how smocking can give you lung cancer and heart problems: Why smoking is bad for you.

I also learned about sprouting and how sprouts are very good for you because they are full of enzymes and protein and I learned about wild honey and how bees make honey and how natural honey is very good for you. And last but certainly not least I learned about day to day things like, posture and not sitting down too long, good manners, personal heath, an exercise plan, gole setting, and hygiene. You only live once so you should keep care of your body so that you can live a nice healthy life, but enjoy unhealthy foods every once and a while.

First aid

For first aid I learned about how to make a first aid kit, and how to do CPR, and how to help someone who is choking. My favourite part about first aid was how to do CPR and how to help people that are having a heart attack and a stroke.

Here is a essay about what I learned: First aid!


Backpacking was very fun. I learned about what to bring when backpacking and how to save space. And then what tools to bring how to get the right backpack. I did not get to go backpacking or even camping but at least I learned something.


Camping was so fun I learned how to read maps and how to use a compass how to make shelters and all that fun stuff. I live in the country so I knew quite a-lot already about things like splitting wood and how to make good fires. But, the best thing that I learned was that using birch bark to start a fire is the best thing to use. When I use birch bark to start fires it go’s right up in flames and it is a good fire that wont go out. I also learned how to chop down trees. I mean I know how to chop down trees but I never knew how to make it fall where I want it to so I learned about that. I really loved learning about camping and stuff so here are some links: Bear safety , Chopping wood.


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