How to Split Wood

This week I learned how to split wood. When you go camping you will most likely want a fire; either for cooking or for warmth. But you can get hurt trying to split wood or you can waist energy by splitting wood the wrong way. So, learning to split wood properly can be a really helpful thing.

Lesson 171 was about how to split wood with a knife. If you have a log to split you will most likely see rings in the log. You will want to cut on those rings to make a tangential cut. But you can also do a cut that I like to call the pizza slice. That is where you find the centre and split it into a half and then into quarters and so on.

Lesson 172 I learned about chopping wood with a hatchet. Hatchets are more dangerous than an axe because they have a shorter handle making it easier to swing and hit your leg if you are standing up. So, there is one rule you should follow and that is to always keep the axe on a vertical plane. Now when you are chopping wood with a hatchet you should chop off the edge of the log making a “D” like shape. Then you are left with two corners and you can chop them making more corners to chop off. You can work your way inward.

Making Kindling

Now that you have chopped the log into pieces you might want to make them into kindling for a fire. A good way of making kindling is by taking a piece of wood and putting the hatchet against it. You then swing the log and hatchet against the another log/chopping block and twist the hatchet and getting small pieces of wood.

Swinging Techniques

If you have a long awkward log here is a technique for you. Lean the log on another sideways log that is not that big making around a 45 degree angle and stand with the log in between your legs and you in front of it then swing in between your legs hitting the log in the middle.

Another technique is the Golf Swing. The golf swing is just swinging the hatchet sideways hitting a log lying on the ground and splitting it.

Lesson 173

Splitting wood with an axe is fairly simple once you have gotten the technique. When you are splitting with an axe it is practically the same as using a hatchet. When chopping wood make sure you do not waste energy by putting the axe behind your back too far. You can do the golf swing with the axe too. Make sure you always keep a vertical plane so you don’t chop your leg off.

Lesson 174 I learned how to chop down a tree with a saw and an axe in the snow. When chopping a tree down in the snow you should first make the ground sturdy to stand on by stomping the snow down. Then get all the snow of the tree by hitting it with the back end of your axe making the snow fall down. Now you would get your axe and chop the tree downwards and the bottom side flat making a 45 degree angle. Once you have chopped to the middle get your saw and saw from the other side until you are clean through and the tree falls down. Make sure you plan where you want the tree to fall so, it is easy for you to chop it into pieces and move it.

You can use a saw to cut the log into pieces but if the log is too thick you will want to use an axe. Chop on an angle. If you are swinging your axe with your right hand, switch from your right hand to your left every once in a while in order to knock out the chips. Do this until you have chopped the log into separate pieces.


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