If I Could live Anywhere Where Would I Live?

I live in Canada and I love it. It is warm in the summer and cold in the winter. And since I have lived here all my life I have friends and relatives here so I really love it.

But If I could live anywhere in the world I think I would live in well…Canada. The reason for not wanting to live in places like Hawaii or Florida or other amazing places is because I think those places are special. I like Hawaii and Florida or other amazing places, but if I lived there it would not be special, and I like to go there because it is not where I live. There is such a different environment from where I live that is so nice, like the ocean and the warm beaches. One thing is for sure though; I want to travel when I grow up and visit many places.

So if I could live anywhere in the world I would be Canada and I would visit other places my dream vehicle a Volkswagen Bus.

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