How to Write an Essay

This week I learned about how to write a proper essay.

Lesson 116 was about laying out the essay in the right way. You first want to tell the reader what the essay is about – that would be the introduction.

Then you will introduce the topic and add supporting points on your topic. The supporting points could be one paragraph long, or many paragraphs. This is the body of your essay.

Then you should sum up what you were talking about in your essay, but in a few sentences. If you follow these steps you should have the minimum of three paragraphs.

Lesson 117 was about the outline of an essay or speech. An outline is just the plan of the speech, like where you want the heading and what is the main subject that you want to talk about. Just how I am writing this essay I am trying to focus on making this short and sweet but full of information. Why should you have an outline? An outline makes your essay well organized, and if it is well organized the reader will be engaged and they will keep reading.

Lesson 118 was about rough drafts. Making a rough draft is just writing an essay but in its first form. When writing an essay there will usually be something that does not make sense, so if you just write your essay (and it usually helps to leave your essay for a bit) and then come back you will see that there are some grammar mistakes or something that you forgot to add. So then you can come back and fix it.

Lesson 119 was about a final draft. After you made your rough draft you will want to fix it and make it complete. A final draft is the final form of your essay, ready to publish. Always make sure you are happy with how your essay turns out, and if you do not like it you can make another rough draft and maybe take a different approach on how you explain your subject.

Learning how to write a good essay is a very useful and important skill, and if you want to know more about the topics that I talked about go ahead and comment and let me know.


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