Bear Safety

Today I will be talking about bear safety and how to not get face to face with a bear, but know how to react if you do get into an encounter with one.

How to Stay Away From Bears

If you live in an area where there and bears or you are just going on a hike in bear territory you will want to be prepared. One thing you should have is a bear bell. Bear bells are just a bell that you can hook up to your backpack to belt buckle or anything. You don’t have to have a bear buckle though, you can just make a-lot of noise bye clapping whistling sining or even just talking.

You ran Into the Bear!

Now you see the bear and it sees you what can you do? Well if you are face to face with a bear you want to look big and back away. You also want to talk to the bear in a calm nice voice. If the the bear attacks you you should play dead and put your hands behind your neck. And if it keeps attacking you the only thing you can do is fight back you most likely lose the fight.

So if you are out in the in the woods make sure to bring a bear bell or make some noise. And If you are face to face with a bear use these tactics and you are most likely to be fine.


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