My Favourite Animal and Why

My favourite animal is the Komodo dragon! The Komodo dragon is a reptile that can grow to ten feet in length and weigh up to 330lb. They can run up to 12 miles an hour. Komodo dragons are very venomous and have claws as big as 3 inches. The Komodo dragons mostly eat carrion. But, they will also eat living things such as Water buffalo, wild hogs, deer, and other animals. Komodo dragons usually ambush their prey, and they are very stealthily. Baby Komodo dragons can climb trees to escape predators and even other Komodo dragons.

How They Hunt

The dragon will get as close as it can to whatever animal (let’s just say a water buffalo). Then when they are about 3 yards away they will strike the buffalo. When the dragon bites down on the buffalo the venom ejects into the body. Then the buffalo will run away, but! The venom is so deadly that even if a komodo dragon get’s a small bite on the buffalo, the venom will kill the buffalo. So with the komodo dragon’s marvellous smell, it will smell out the body of the buffalo and have a great meal.

Why I like It  

I like the Komodo dragon because they are like dinosaurs. They are large, dangerous, and are very cool!


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