My History Review

Today I will be talking about lessons 91 and 92.

Lesson 109 I learned about the Mercator Projection map. 

Maps depict the world on a flat surface. But, since the world is spherical it is hard to make an accurate representation of the world on a flat surface. In 1500 sailing was a big business. A man named Gerardus Mercator made a map called the Mercator Projection map. There were other maps like the Equal area map and the Shortest map, but they were not that accurate. The map made it easier for sailors to navigate the ocean and after time people figured out how to adjust the magnetic declination so if they were traveling with a compass they would not get lost. The Mercator Projection map took 100 years to become popular but people even use it now.

Equal area map

Lesson 92 Was about the man himself Gerardus Mercator.

Gerardus Mercator was born in 1512. But, his real name was Geert de Kreemer. He was the seventh child in a poor family and when he was 14 his father died and his Uncle who was a priest took over his fathers place. Mercator’s Uncle sent him to a nice school to become a priest and when he was 15 he went to the School of Brethren of the Common Life. This is where Vasalius went to school and they met each other. And when he was 18 he went to the University of Luvain. Where Vasalius also went. In the university he had a problem when studying Aristotle. Aristotle contradicted the Christian view on creation, but in that time it was considered heresy to go against Aristotle’s beliefs even though they went against the Bible’s scripture.

Not all men at the time believed what they were teaching such as Robert Grostest. Mercator sought counselling from an Older monk who had a similar experience. Then got a job from him making globes.


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