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Thank the person that nominated you
Thanks oliver neudorf!
List fifteen of your small joys

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My small joys!
Art, Singing, and Video games

1-7 is art, 8-12 singing, 13- 15 video games.

  1. I can use my imagination
  2. Gives me something to do
  3. It is a good job opportunity
  4. I can make a story in one page and with no words
  5. I can see how much I have improved in the last 2 years
  6. It is a good hobby
  7. I just like it dowgonit!!!
  8. It is beautiful and fun
  9. there are many styles to explore
  10. It makes people happy
  11. It makes me happy
  12. And you always sound different then everyone else
  13. They are fun and competitive
  14. you can spend so much time and in real life have accomplished nothing…. that is a great reason 0-o
  15. There is no stress so you can just relax

I nominate


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