Funny Stories

When I was 5 years old I would never wear a shirt. I liked building forts and acting like a little Mowgli from The Jungle Book. But at that time I wanted to make some money.

The plan was simple. Since it was fall I thought that I would rake some leaves for people. So I went and took a little rake and started raking the leaves on the side of the road by my neighbours house. I took 30min to finish raking the side of the road. And then I went to my neighbours and……well….. I asked for money!

Photo by Steve Johnson on

Yes I know I did a job no one needed me to do and then asked people to give me money. But! The first house I raked at gave me money. She was a very sweet old lady and she liked me working in her garden and playing around. Then the next house raked at not give me money, but instead gave me advise! Which was “ask if the person wants you to do the job before you do it expecting money”. But I did it anyway and did get 2$ from one house!

So the moral of the story is …….. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

“When you are young go ahead and be a little business man and when you grow up you will be motivated to do the best you can” .

Sophie 2021


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