Weekly Science Review

This week I learned fire related things like: How to escape a burning house and how to treat burns and how to make a first aid kit!

Lesson 116

This lesson I learned about how to use a first aid kit and how to make one. In the lesson they gave me this video about a car accident at a skiing place that the man worked at. The family that was in the accident hit into a big eighteen wheeler. And since at the time people did not wear seatbelts most of the family flew out of the car. The mother sadly died and lots of the children where fatally injured. But that was a great lesson because it shows how you must be prepared mental for the terrible things you are going to see.

Lesson 117

This was a very good lesson because I learned about cold and heat emergences. The lesson talked about heat exhaustion and hypothermia. I thought this was very interesting because these things are quite common.

Lesson 118

In this I learned how to treat burns. First degree burns will blister a little bit and hurt. Second degree burns will swell a bit and blister and hurt a-lot. Now third degree burns will swell a lot and will be hard around the edges and might be black.

Lesson 119

this lesson was house fires. House fires are very dangerous and will get huge in a matter of minutes. If an outlet is smoking you should call 911. You should call 911 because the smoke will be traveling through the house and in a couple minutes the outlet will be on fire. There is no use to through water on it.


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