Back in Time!

If I could go back in time when/where would I go?

There are so many places in time where I want to go. I would like to go to a time before cars and before electricity. It would be like I was in a book, for example “Little House On the Prairie”, “Heidi” or even go into the time in the bible and meet the many disciples or even Jesus! Out of the many places/times I could go to I would chose when Jesus was born. It would be amazing to go back then and see the star and learn what the people knew. It would be amazing to tell people that don’t believe in god in the precent what I would have seen in the past. But let’s say that if I did time travel I would still be where I am sitting now in Canada but 2000 years or so earlier. So the one thing I have to consider is that I would not be able to see Jesus being born and would I see the star? I could travel a couple of months or years prier to Jesuses birth so that I could have time to get to Bethlehem and maybe see his birth. But then who knows if I would be able to make it even if I had years because I do not have a good amount of experience. But besides all of that I would go back to the time of Jesus’ birth.

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