Weekly Science Review

Today I will be talking about the heart and gun shot wounds! Also this is only the stuff that I liked learning most! Lesson 103 and 102 are not in here because I could not understand most of what the man said in the video! Anyway hope you enjoy!

What You Need to Know

There are four chambers in the heart, two atrium and two ventricles. The two upper chambers of the heart are the atrium, and the to lower chambers are the ventricles.

Where The Oxygen and Blood goes!

Blood goes into the atrium. It contracts, then enters into the ventricles. When you breath oxygen enters the lungs it defuses across the alveoli which are little sacks in your lungs. Then it enters into the blood stream. Then it goes into the left side of the heart into the atrium, then sends blood to the left ventricle, then the ventricle retracts and sends blood to the rest of the body. The body will then use up the oxygen and then it will return to the right side of the heart. It enters the atrium that contracts and sends the blood to the right ventricle then it shoots blood into both lungs through the tricuspid valve. Then the whole cycle will repeat!

Gun Shot Wounds!


When a person gets a bullet in their head it is going to bleed a lot. They should not move their head so you should put something like two bags beside their head so they know not to move. Then you should get some thick cloth or as they said in the video, heavy dressing. You should hold it very hard on the head too!

Neck and Lower Ribs!

When someone has been shot in the neck to the lower ribcage there is a chance that there is going to air rushing in and out of the hole. So what you need to do is, take off their shirt or whatever they have on and get a plastic bag, then take a square piece out of it and tape three sides of the bag making it so when the patient breaths out it will let air out of the hole/bullet-wound and when he or she breaths in the bag will suck against the persons chest and wont let any air in through the hole. And if the person was shot from the back you would do the same.

Abdomen and pelvis!

When the person gets shot you should just get some cloth and hold it on very hard.


When a person is shot in the arm the first thing you should do is get a thick cloth and hold it against the wound. If that does not stop the blood you should tie the cloth around their arm and tie a simple knot. Then put a pen or stick or something and put it on the knot. Then tie another simple knot over the pen, and then twist the pen. It should get very tight and it will stop the bleeding.


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