Sprouts and Honey


Sprouts are very healthy! I even sprouted some broccoli. Sprouts are like little packages of nutrients!

bee’s and honey

Bees are very intelligent even though they have a brain the size of a pinhead. Bees collect honey from flowers. But how do they tell the other bees where that honey is. The bee that has found the flower patch will go back to the hive and dance. The bee will do a different dance depending on how far the flowers are. The bee will walk in the direction of the flowers (to the left of the sun or the right etc). Then, turn to the left and circle to the beginning where the line started. Then the bee will go forward again and turn to the right and go back. The bee will also waggle his body back and forth, and the more it waggles the more flowers there are. The longer the bee walks toward the flower patch, the farther the flower patch.   

Bee Dance

What happens when the hive gets too crowded?  

When a hive gets to crowded the queen bee will take half the hive and wait while hundreds of bees go looking for a place to make a hive.

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