Inventions are amazing because they help people get things done efficiently and quicker. However, everything has been seen under the sun! So here are some inventions that I wish where not around and one that I think we need!

Inventions I don’t Like

The Role-up Window

Cars used to have wind up windows. I wish cars and trucks had the windows that you had to manually wind up. They are awesome. If you somehow drove off a bridge into water you could trust that the windows would come down because you would be doing it and you would not have to rely on a machine/electronics. Plus, they’re fun.

The New Volkswagen Bus!

My opinion may be one sided on this invention but that is because I love the old 1960s buses! There is a new Volkswagen bus coming out, it is electric, hideous, and has no class! Now, I am all for electric cars — they are cheaper (because you don’t have to buy gas) and they are quiet. But they took all of the beauty out of it.

My Invention Idea

Self Pulling Wagon

As I said before everything has been seen under sun. It is true. I am very sure that someone has thought of a self pulling wagon so here is how I think it would work.

It would have a motor in between the wheels to power it and you would have to steer it by using a remote control. If you had a paper route you could put the papers in the wagon and then sit on them! It could even have a container where you put a paper in it and it comes out folded and ready for you to put it in the mail box.

It would basically be a big go-cart with gadgets.

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