My Favourite Way to Learn!

Learning the Fun Way!

I really enjoy learning. Learning for me is always fun because I can tell my friends what I have learned. There are lots of ways of making school fun, for example starting your day off right.

Do your homework a Different way!

Doing your homework somewhere different is always fun. And waking up with a good attitude is very good to get you motivated. For me, sometimes I need to have a cold shower. Getting something that I feel comfortable in is a great way to start off the day. 

Maybe even dress up so you feel like you are at a job. Doing your school outside or on your front porch or on the grass is great because you get the fresh air. (This doesn’t work for me so well but might work for you).

How I like to get my school done!

I like to do my school at the diner table. I usually get all my work done fast there. I like to do it at the table because there are no distractions and it is sunny there. 

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