Lesson 72

How to Get Enzymes in Food

Enzymes are in raw foods like vegetables and meat. You can’t get enzymes from processed food like fries or donuts or things like that. But if you cook the meat or vegetables the enzymes in the food dies. But, if you steam your food it wont lose all of its enzymes!

What Enzymes Do

Enzymes conduct you cells to have chemical reactions. And if you had no enzymes you couldn’t live! Enzymes make it so you can, see, taste, touch, hear, walk, think, and digest! When you get older your enzyme production decreases so you have health problems, so you should definitely eat healthy when you are older!

Organic ButterMargarine
Raw VegetablesCanned Vegetables
Pure Organic Juice (no additives or sugar)Soda
Peanut Butter (just peanuts)Regular Peanut Butter with Vegetable Oil & Sugar
Coconut Oil Vegetable Oil
This will make you healthy! And strong!!!

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