The Impact of Some Inventions in History

Lesson 65


Before buttons were invented people did their clothes up with broaches. They never fit quite right. The button made it possible for people’s clothes to fit tighter so they could be warm and also it made it so you could tell someone’s class. When the button was first invented they were very expensive and kings and rich people would have them all over their clothes to say — I am rich. Buttons are still used today in clothes, bags and more. Now they are definitely not expensive because they are easily produced on a large scale. Buttons continue to be very useful.

Oil Painting

Oil painting spread across Italy during the Renaissance because people loved Van Eyck’s style. Many people still love the art of famous artists like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo de Vincci. Rich people had big murals on their walls and on their ceilings! You probably have seen a mural in a church or in a theatre.


Cannons made it way easier to break big walls and they are faster to load than a trebuchet or a catapult! They were made by bell makers because they knew how to make a tube like shape with metal. People also made handheld cannons.

Spinning Wheels

The spinning wheel made string makers rich because they could produce more string faster. When string was made faster, clothes were made cheaper and because of this the string was easier to come by! Since clothes were cheaper many poorer people could buy clothes not just to keep them warm and to cover them up, but for fashion! The spinning wheel’s evolution led to the first factories and the industrial revolution.

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