Why Smoking is Bad for You

Lesson 68

What Smoking Can do to You

Smoke itself and the toxins in the smoke damage your health. Smoking can give you cancer, heart disease, stroke and can even damage your teeth, bones, muscles, brain and eyes! If you only smoked two cigarettes it would not do any long term harm. The harm is in the constant exposure to toxins. Regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes both have the same toxins.

Some of the toxins in cigarettes include:


How you can stop

It is very hard to stop smoking but the best way of quitting is to get healthy! Eating better food like meat and vegetables will make quitting smoking significantly easier. It would also make a huge difference if you start exercising! It takes 20 years for your body to completely recover from smoking but when you recover you will be happier and healthier.

Why you Should Quit

If you think, “What is in it for me other than the best health?” That is the answer! You will actually be happier and you will be able to run and jump and play sports and not get tired! You will be able to smell the flowers you love better! And if that isn’t enough, you will be able to taste your yummy food better!!


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