Universities, Wine press, Ribbed vault ,Chimney

Lesson 55

Summary of what I learned this week:


Many great schoolers have gone to universities and those great schoolers helped other people learn! It’s a great place to network and get to know people in your field and then start a business together or work together. The only problem with universities is that young adults have to go far away from their home and their family, so they do not get the same discipline. It’s good to have a good mentor and principles when you are away at university.

Wine press

The concept of the wine press has stayed the same for a long time. The only thing that people have changed is its speed and efficiency. New wine recipes were made so wine could last longer. When the steam engine came to pass in the 1800th century then people did not have to turn a crank, it was powered by the steam engine. New wine presses make pure wine because of improvements to prevent air from coming in.

Ribbed vault

When people moving into Europe from eastern Constantinople they brought with them their own style of architecture. People also lost faith in Christianity and turned to the paganism of Ancient Greece. The Romanesque and Gothic style grew around the church and the people wanted to express Christian principles in their work. The ribbed vault are those big beams on church roofs. The beams are going towards a fixed point on the roof pointing towards the sky to bring focus to God.


Chimneys made a huge impact on history because people did not have to have smoke in their house and a big hole in their roof. Chimneys also made it possible for the middle class to make houses that were warm. They also could connect their chimney to other pipes that ran under the floor to heat the floor.

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