Military Inventions that Shaped the Outcome of the War and Why.

There are lots of military inventions that changed the outcome of the war.  Like the warships that made it so people could battle on water and be able to take the land of someone else across the sea.   Here are some more things that changed the outcome of the war.

An early weapon is the sword.  The sword made it possible to slice or stab your enemy.  Swords are made of metal found in ore.  Metal is extracted from the ore.  Then they would shape it into a sword.

Later on guns were invented.  The gun meant you could shoot and kill your enemy from far away and it would do lots of damage.  The first recorded use of a firearm was in 1364.

Later the bouncing bomb was very exciting for those that built warfare.  It was a cylinder shaped bomb that bounced on the water towards a target across water.  It avoided obstacles and torpedo nets.  They dropped it from a plane and it would hit the water spinning rapidly.

Every invention made in warfare was made to cause more destruction while keeping the operators safer.  The skill level of a fighter changes over time with different weapons.  It looks like they need less skill now to protect themselves than they did when they used to use swords.  But now it’s a different sort of skill and less risky to keep yourself safe while destroying others since they’re not face to face.

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