Cyclical and Linear Time

Lesson 5

“How might holding a cyclical view of time (as opposed to a linear one where time has a beginning, a middle, and an end) make someone pessimistic about the future?  Alternatively, explain how a person’s worldview can help increase or decrease their capital.”

I don’t believe that the view of linear or cyclical time has the same effect on everybody.  Somebody who believes in linear time might be believe that your work doesn’t really matter because it will be destroyed or come to an end at the end of time.  But another person believing in linear time might believe that their work has value to help people in time, and have value after time has ended.   The same thing with people who think time is cyclical.  Some of them might thing that their work will help them be better in the next cycle.  But some might think that any work they do in this cycle is useless, because it might not be there in the next cycle.  So in both linear and cyclical times, people can be optimistic or pessimistic, depending on their worldview.

2 thoughts on “Cyclical and Linear Time

  1. Hi Sophie! You did such a great job thinking through this lesson. It took a long time but it was a great discussion and I’m glad you went back to your original thoughts rather than just writing out what the lecture was leading you to think the answer should be. This is really difficult for Grade 4 when you compare it to the expectations for your Grade 5 English assignment! haha! Good job 🙂 I feel like we could still debate and think through this one at the university level.


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